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Picture of a breaker panel without cover


Poor insulation, rodent damage on electrical wiring


Vandalized home.  Someone cut all the electrical wires out of the attic that they could reach!  

Missing insulation in the vaulted portion of the ceiling. Another easy fix that will save money.

• Florida Home Inspectors Inc. was founded in 1999.   

• Over 8,000 home inspections performed.
• For the last decade I've been printing out my reports on site and I still can, it just doesn't make sense any longer.  My inspections have become so laden with photographs that it's much more suited to viewing on a computer.  I still develop the report on site, but now I email a PDF binder to my clients.  The PDF is universally viewed on almost any computer and it's a single file with tiled annotated photos and the full report.  I have had great feedback on this and it makes life easier for everyone involved.  Realtors, insurance companies and the clients absolutely love it!  
• Located in Brevard County @ 3400 Flounder Creek Rd. Mims, FL 32754

• Serving Titusville, Cocoa, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Port St. John, Mims, Cocoa Beach, Palm Bay, (All of Brevard County)
• All inspections performed by Nick McClellan Owner/Inspector/Building Contractor CBC1257562 and state licensed Home Inspector HI2028

• Proud member of space coast association of Realtors
• Citizens approved wind mitigation inspector
• A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau 


• Qualifications:

     There is absolutely no substitute for hands on extensive construction experience.   I know there are many schools out there that "teach" people how to be inspectors.  I know there are general contractors out there that think because they are licensed to build homes that qualifies them to inspect them.  I get calls every week from people looking for employment as an inspector and without fail their qualifications basically constitute "I took a course on home Inspection."  I mean absolutely no disrespect to the reputable schools out there because they do serve a purpose.  The school's purpose should be to teach people with EXTENSIVE knowledge of the construction/remodeling industry how to best apply their knowledge on how to perform a proper home inspection and how inspections work with the real estate industry.   However the problem is most schools, societies, and foundations relating to the home inspection industry are in it for the money, so pay your dues, pass their exams and they will endorse you, but they won't insure you.  I've taken the tests for ASHI and NACHI, and both battery of tests were very easy to put it nicely.  Passing these tests and paying the dues should not in any way qualify people to be an inspector, but unfortunately it did because finally in 2010 the state started regulating the industry.  The regulations didn't come into effect until July of 2011.  The new regulations aren't much better and frankly hiring someone solely on a license number is a bad idea anyway.  There are some good licensed inspectors and some horrible ones, just like every other industry I suppose.  

     So what are my qualifications?  I am a Florida State certified Building Contractor #CBC1257562 and a state licensed Home Inspector HI2028.  I grew up in the residential construction field. I was leading framing crews on large custom homes by the time I was 17 years old.  I worked for a small company that built the house from the ground up.  We dug the footers, we installed the roof and everything in between (except where not permitted by state law).  We built countless custom homes this way in the 80's and 90's.  However, the real experience that comes into play for the inspection industry is in remodeling.  I've remodeled restaurants, Churches, stores, old homes and newer homes.   Remodeling older homes and fixing it's problems and turning them into someone's pride and joy teaches more than any class could.  I've remodeled countless kitchens and bathrooms, turned many back porches into Florida rooms and installed 10's of thousands of square feet of tile and wood floor.  I've repaired water damage and fire damage.  I worked down in south Florida for 2 years repairing homes in the wake of hurricane Andrew.   The best way to learn how to inspect something is having extensive experience on taking it apart and putting it back together.  
     I consider myself a firm but fair inspector.  I'm not  there to sell a house, I'm there to inspect it.  I'm not there to pick every house apart either.  I perform a thorough unbiased inspection of every single house I look at.  I'm not afraid to bring up issues because because someone might get upset.   Most Realtors are very good at their job and when a problem is brought to light by an inspection they are quick to get the situation resolved.  Of course I've had the shady ones ask me not to put certain things on my report because they were afraid it would kill the deal....sorry, you got the wrong guy for that one.   There is no such thing as passing or failing an inspection.  Every transaction is different.  Sometimes major issues are found, corrected and the deal closes on time.  Sometimes small insignificant things are found and the buyers use it to opt out of the contract.  It's all between the buyer, seller and their respective agents.  The inspectors job is to illustrate the condition of the home both good and bad, not to get in the middle of the real estate transaction.  I love to talk to people and answer their questions at the inspection and hopefully everyone leaves the inspection with a much deeper knowledge of that particular home.  

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Improper wire union


Mold that was behind a refrigerator


Improper wire termination


Heavily corroded supply valves for washing machine


Measuring a nail for a wind mitigation with the Zircon

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